Services - Biolinkk
India, despite being a large market for almost all businesses, is a complex market to enter and requires a very different approach to arrive at the right business strategy.
At Biolinkk, we believe that all global organizations are unique in terms of their product offerings, global business strategy and have varied levels of interests in the growing Indian market. Thus, we offer customized solutions to suit varied and complex needs of our customers (B2C) and business partners (B2B).
We have assisted many multinational pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotech companies in developing strategies on product mix, pricing, promotion, channel selection and distribution.
Biolinkk identifies its role as a consulting company to pharmaceutical, diagnostics and other medical product companies in India and can assist in the following areas:-
  *    Developing the right distribution strategy and assist network formation
  *    Act as Regional Marketing Resource providing unbiased market intelligence - the key to success
  *    Obtain regulatory approvals and licenses on behalf of our clients 
  *    Assist direct entry if desired at any stage in the business
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